Programming Language Fight Club

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Ongoing books

The Writing Tool

This book teaches how to use a simple markup language, Markdown, and an open source tool, Pandoc, to write and format all possible documents you will ever create. The book covers the basics of Markdown as well as case studies used in lectures, published conferences and even by book writers. The case studies include how to create beautiful slides, generate a blog, generate an ebook and even how to write and format a research paper.

Format: ePub only
Expected January 2019


GRASP principles for the Object-oriented mind

This books covers GRASP principles from the type system's perspective. We show the different aspects to consider when programming in a static and dynamic language. For these purposes, we show examples using Java and Python, comment on what the type system brings to an OOP perspective and show the benefits and drawbacks of these languages.

Expected July 2019

Lambda Calculus for the working programmer

This book introduces the lambda calculus (untyped and typed) and the programming language background necessary to understand the lambda calculus. Based on this gained knowledge, you will understand the formal syntax of almost any formalised language, such as web assembly.